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How No Risk Matched Betting Works?


With no-risk matched betting you could make hundreds of pounds without losing much money on the table. In fact, it is one of the simplest and straightforward methods of earning money online. But how does it work? Let us suppose that you put a bet on Ghana to beat Germany at the World Cup. But, Ghana lost the match in a pretty awkward way, and the Germans qualified for the in the tournament. So, if you had thrown in, let say, $50, you would lose it straight away. However, if Ghana would have won the match, there is a possibility of earning more than $300 with this bet.

From this, we conclude that matched betting means that you will match any bet you like and also bet on the opposite outcome as well. Usually, money is made via those free bet offers advertised in a very attractive way by the bookmakers on their website. To be honest, you will be tempted to make an account with them, but in reality, if you check their TOC, there is a lot hidden inside. Most likely you will be asked to deposit a certain amount, play a bet or a couple, win a particular amount and then claim the free bet offer.

This type of betting usually involved a back bet and a lay bet. Back bet is like betting on the outcome of a match being true (Canada will win). On the other hand, a lay bet is betting money on the outcome not being true (Canada will “not” win). In the case of the lay bet, if Canada loses or draws the game you will win. Although it seems like a luck part, there is a high chance of winning money and this is why no-risk matched betting it awesome and popular.