History of Online Poker

The game of Poker dates back to 200 years or even more, but the Poker we know today, typically Online Poker is roughly 13-15 years old. The first ever online poker game was launched back in 1998, and it was launched with the site name Planet Poker. At that time, it was quite an amusing thing for people, and many players even signed up for the website. It was founded by poker pro, author, and legendary player Mike “Mad Genius” Caro. He quitted real money bets back in March 2007, but the world still knows him as a pro poker player.

tricks-win-main-bandarq-bandar-poker-and-poker-trusted-agent-300x165The first money poker game was Texas Hold ‘em game which was $3/$six stakes. The bitter reality here that Planet Poker, despite being the first online poker game, failed to attract a lot of players. But what’s surprising here is that the initial rate that was set by online poker room is still the norm in today’s industry which is 5% or at max $3 rake cap.

Late during the year, Senator Joy Kyle of Arizona has introduced Internet Gambling Prohibition Act or IGPA. This means that before Online Poker started, different lawmakers tried to knock it down. If it (IGPA) would have passed, we might not have online gambling sites unless the law was challenged.

Also by the end of 1998, online gambling business generated a whopping $834.5 million in revenue which surely told the casinos that there is a huge potential. Then in 1999, three unknown Canadians launched a new website Paradise Poker out of Costa Rica, and it gained a lot of popularity than Planet Poker. They became the industry leader at that time and apart from Texas Hold ‘em, the website had Seven Card Stud and Omaha. The software was improved regarding security and customer service.

Nowadays, some of the popular Online Poker Sites include BandarQ, WilliamHills, Bet365, PokerMe, etc. and many others.

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